An Xiao Studio
the virtual studio of an xiao mina

I believe in broadening the definition of design, to include not just visuals but strategy, systems, research services. As a designer, I believe in making a social impact while pursuing a more conscientious, sustainable business model. My design practice focuses on developing strategies and user experience workflows via a research-based approach.

I've worked in a variety of contexts around the world, including with Teach For America, the Gwangju Design Biennale, FAKE Design, Meedan and UNICEF. Projects has ranged from supporting a $189 million development fund to co-founding and directing a site with nearly 10,000 followers to providing strategic suggestions for technology and development projects.

I'm currently working with Jason Li to found The Civic Beat, a new platform to tell the world's stories through internet culture. I'm a graduate researcher at Art Center College of Design's Media Design Practices program, partnered with UNICEF Uganda and the award-winning Designmatters. My time there is partially supported by a grant from Intel's Vibrant Data project. I work part-time as a designer and product lead at Meedan, where we're building a social translation platform for social media. You can find a number of my thoughts on design at Core77 and Design Observer.

There are lots of failures, too, and I've learned from so many along the way. Stay tuned for a more specific project portfolio. In the mean time, please feel free to contact me directly if you're interested in collaborating.