An Xiao Studio
the virtual studio of an xiao mina

Sharing is a good thing. Skillsharing, knowledge sharing. Sharing is caring, as we were taught in kindergarten, but sharing is also innovation. This is the idea behind open innovation, Sharism and Creative Commons--as more good ideas get out there in the world and mix and mingle, the more we all benefit from this rich creative environment.

Creative Commons License
In that spirit, all work I've created and shared here, unless otherwise noted, is on a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 License. What the heck does that mean? It means you can share and remix my writings and photos so long as you attribute it to me ("original work by An Xiao Studio" will suffice), make no money off of it, and agree to share your new work under the same license. Should you like to use my work for commercial reasons or any other reason outside of this license, please feel free to contact me.

Knowledge Sharing Wiki
I've developed a member-run wiki for knowledge sharing. This wiki aims to share some of the knowledge my collaborators and I have gained over the years in working with social media and other spaces utilizing communications technology. We share this knowledge for free for the benefit of the wider internet community. The site is still in beta but it's continually being updated.

Desktop Backgrounds
Okay, what you really want are cool desktop backgrounds. Those will be coming... soon. Promise.