Welcome to the Knowledge Sharing Wiki of An Xiao Studio!

Welcome to the Knowledge Sharing Wiki of An Xiao Studio! This wiki aims to share some of the knowledge we've gained over the years in working with social media and other spaces utilizing communications technology. We share this knowledge for free for the benefit of the wider internet community. This site is still in beta.

Bird's Nest: Ai Weiwei in English

Bird's Nest was developed to offer a direct translation of the Twitter account of Ai Weiwei. We created a group translation site using Tumblr to allow people from around the world to contribute one-off translations of Mr. Ai's tweets. The site has grown to over 9,000 followers and receives regular citations in mainstream media like The New York Times, CNN, The Wall St. Journal and others. We have a team of seven translators and a number of other contributors, and our two editors ensure our translations remain high quality, consistent and accurate. In this guide, we share with you the steps to create your own Tumblr-based translation system.

Weibo Meme Net

The Weibo Meme Net is a process by which we "catch" memes on social media and document them for future reference. As our research focuses on politically- and socially-critical memes, we have to catch them before they flutter away, like a butterfly, in the dark recesses of corporate and state censorship. The meme net relies on free, open tools and a simple documentation system to allow for quick capture. Organizing and referencing them come later. Many of these memes are shared on 88 Bar at China Meme Report.

@Platea: A Social Media Art Collective

@Platea is a social media art collective founded to explore the possibilities of social media as a platform for creating public art. Based on the idea of a "hashtag collective", @Platea has a steering committee but no fixed membership, instead inviting its 500+ followers to participate on an ad hoc basis.

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